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Chromogenic Assays

The chromogenic assays are designed with well characterized enzymes and highly purified biochemicals, both offering high specificity and activity, and directly prepared by HYPHEN BioMed. Those assays are proposed for testing antithrombotic drugs, such as heparins and their analogues, or anticoagulant proteins, such as antithrombin (AT) or Protein C (PC), and are CE marked.

The chromogenic assays can be used for manual methods or with any semi-automatic instrument or automates such as STA, STA-R, BCT, BCS, Sysmex, ACL, Cobas, etc... Specific adaptations are available upon request.

  • Fully optimised, specific chromogenic assays for coagulation factors or inhibitors, which can be adapted to automatic instruments.
  • Instrument applications are available upon request.
  • These methods can be used for testing purified factors in plasma or for concentrates. Calibrators and controls, duly established against NIBSC International Standards, when available, are proposed separately.


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